Download StarDew Valley APK Latest Version

Want to download Stardew valley apk? You’ll love one of the best farming games on the internet. It is a colorful and multi-options game. In this android game, you will handle a farm by cropping different fruits and vegetables of your choice. Let’s see how to download Stardew Valley APK on your android mobile phone.

On the other hand, you can visit the caves and find out the place to collect the treasure. You can also prepare food for your family. Further, you can get married to a chosen partner from 12 of your family and settle in the farm’s village life.

It is a paid game on the play store. You can also download its latest full version apk on your android mobile for free. It will be a safe and secure game for your mobile, and It does not require any other media. Stay connected to my article!

Apart from these things, it is not just a typical farm game. There is some snowfall in your settled farm, or it may harm your plants. Maybe,  it will die. You have to find a way to keep your plants out of this situation. You have to continue your work.

StarDew Valley APK

How it Works

stardew valley guide apk

Well, if you have full command of keys. You get rewards if you plan your task list and crop according to seasonal events.  The excellent point about working in this game is that it can work 100% while you are not connected through the internet. You can easily play it on your mobile device or your PC without any interruption.


Here are its features:

  1. The game is all about farming. The game’s primary purpose is to create the farm as per your need and get significant profit. You may set your farm as you want, and you can grow any crop and manage it.
  2. If you grow crops on a farm, you can also raise your farm animals like cows, goats, and sheep. You can get 12 marriage candidates and get married to start a family. There are many potential candidates on the farm. You can cooperate with them and select one As every applicant has something unique for your farm.
  3. There are other extra activities on the farm to keep your farmer’s life going well. You can capture fish at the fishing point; you can go to a salon to hang out. There are also seasonal events in the town where you can have every type of fun.
  4. You can also search the mines and caves in the town where you can get gold, gems, and silver. But, the mysterious thing about the cave is that there are monsters in the dark caves. You have to defeat them to get gold bars.
  5. You can run this game on any mobile device for ease. You can also play the game with multiple control options. Moreover, This game has excellent music and a great display. It has many other game tasks to do other than farming.
  6. It works excellent on the touch screen. In this game, you may turn your farm into the countryside. You can customize your farm and family as per your choice.
  7. You can become a part of the game community if you participate in any seasonal and village events. The latest version of this game can transfer the restored file from PC to cell phones. It also carries 14 new music tracks. It has hundreds of bug fixes. And, It works 100% while you are offline.
  8. It has many types of guides like fish guides that tell you all about fishing. The Crop guide tells you about cropping. The gift guide says all about every gift item for a villager or any event.

How to Download and Install the Stardew valley APK

  1. Firstly, from the below button, you have to download the latest APK files and caches (OBB files). Its size is 80mbs.
  2. Secondly, Now you have to allow the installation or downloads from unknown sources.
  3. Thirdly, now run the installation by using the file manager on your phone.
  4. Fourthly, You can now copy the cache folder from the download archive to the SD card.
  5. Now run the application on your mobile. It will run smoothly without causing any delays.

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If you want to download the this game on your pc, You can download and install it from the navigational button.

Tips for Beginners

  1. Crop the plants according to season

How to play this game like a pro on android? No worries! I’m about to give you amazing tips that you can use to make yourself a pro in this game. There are seasonal events that occur in the game. You have to crop the plants by bowing seeds. But, you can crop the plants according to season. If you do not bow seed according to the season, it will not grow and soon die.

Here is a sheet by which you have to bow seed to increase your farming.

  • If you suffer a fall in your valley, you can bow seeds of eggplant and pumpkins.
  • If your valley has a spring season, you may choose a seed of kale and potatoes.
  • If there is a summer season, then put your hands on the seed of red cabbage and melon.

  1. Watch TV daily

You have a television in the game. All you have to do every day while playing is that you have to watch TV.  You should start your day by watching the rain update before doing anything else. It would help if you watched the weather update daily. It will save you tons of energy for that day as rain will automatically water your crops. 

You also have to watch the cooking shows on TV as it will help you learn new things.

  1. Fix the bridge

From the first day of gaming, there is a broken plank at the riverside. You have to fix the broken bridge by using 300 blocks of wood. If you repair the broken bridge, you can easily access the tide pools.

  1. Forage the farmland

Your farmland is rich with many resources, Go and use them.

You just cut down the trees and mine the stones whatever when you need.

  1. Don’t die in mines due to less energy 

The mines on the farm might be dangerous. If you get deeper into the dark mines, you may suffer from less energy and affected health.

If you are dying undermines just due to less energy, you have to go out of the mines.

But, You will lose all the resources that you collect from mines in the dark.

  1. The switch controls for the game

Always focus on the switch control for the games. There are a few couples of times that you would not figure out while you try every button. 

If you want to take any one item from the stack you have to press the Y button. You have to press the X button from the PC keyboard or your mobile pads to exit from letters.

If you want to play the game efficiently, you have full control over the control buttons.

  1. Give a glance at your growing crops on the farm.

When you play the game and have a task to harvest a crop, make sure it’s its season. Just make sure that the season of the crop is running. Because if you harvest a crop other than its season. The plants will not grow long and will die soon. It will cause wastage of money or time.

We suggest before harvesting a crop, make sure what day of the season it is. How much time will the plants require to grow faster?

  1. See the calendar daily

Moreover, in this game, every day brings a new task for you including, fishing, collecting gems, harvesting a crop, watering plants.

Before starting your day in the game, you should see the calendar daily. It will help you not to miss anyone’s birthday living in the village of your farm. You have to give a gift of your choice to the villager. You will also take an award in return.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many languages does Stardew valley’s latest version support?

It supports many languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Turkish, Japanese, and Russian. People of every country play the game quickly as there is the English language in it. We can say English is the international style.

Can I post the videos of playing the Stardew Valley APK on my YouTube or Twitter account?

Yes, pretty sure, You can post not a single video but many easily. If you are a fantastic player, we suggest you post videos on social media.

How can I do stardew valley free download on my mobile?

No, it’s not free to download. It’s a paid game. You can pay to download it. Or maybe some websites have set criteria to download it from there for free on PC. Then, transfer it to your mobile after downloading it from your PC.

Does this game have the same task every single day?

No, no, no, this game has not the same task to do. Every day in you gets a different task than the previous day.

Suppose if you have the task of getting a chest on your first day. Then you have a new task on the next day, like doing fishing at fish spots.

Does the Stardew Valley APK offer the controller keys support?

Yes, it offers controller support to play. It can support the Xbox 360 on your personal computer. If you choose names for your character or your animal on the farm, you may require your PC’s keyboard.

How can I move the buildings in Stardew Valley?

No, You cannot move a single building in the game. But you can only demolish the buildings, though. You can only demolish the building in your valley if you talk to the carpenter in the game.